Minneapolis, MN

“I was pretty much in the dark about how to plan a wedding and she took me through step by step and coordinated every detail. Everything was so fluid and was exactly what I had envisioned.

It was so amazing to get to enjoy our special day without worrying about anything because she had it all under control.”


-Lisa, Bride

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Vail, CO

“We worked with Melissa for our destination wedding in Vail, CO...she was the one who got everyone on the same schedule, finalized payments, and choreographed the entire wedding day. I was completely confident in Melissa leading our team & her effort allowed us to cherish the entire day! ”


-Rebecca, Bride

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Estes Park, CO

“Melissa and her sister Emily managed my daughter's wedding and did a phenomenal job in coordinating our events and keeping us on track throughout the week.

They were extremely professional, showed great attention to detail, and were a joy to work with. We would highly recommend them for anyone's future wedding planning needs!!"


-Sue, Mother of the Bride

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New Orleans, LA

“Orchestrating this very personal event for over 160 people was no small feat and I had the opportunity to get to know Melissa over the course of a year.

As an event coordinator, Melissa is calm and collected, organized, and has plenty of brilliant creative ideas! As a person, Melissa is sweet, confident, and does whatever it takes to make an event run smoothly and to keep her clients happy.Many of our guests commented that our wedding was the best they had ever been to! "

-Katie, Bride

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Minocqua, WI

“As a maid of honor in a wedding, you sometimes take on the position of planner. Well having Melissa was the biggest blessing! She took everything off our plates and created the most beautiful day for my best friends. We seriously couldn't have made the day go as beautifully and smoothly as it did with out her.”


-Emily, Maid of Honor

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Provo, UT

“When we decided to utilize Melissa's expertise, everything changed. As confident as I was that I could plan a good wedding, I quickly realized that I was in over my head. It's not an every day event to plan! Melissa was legitimately an answer to our prayers. She cared so much about our lives and our story, our problems and our exciting moments.

I think what we loved most about Melissa is that she was so unbelievably organized and professional. Even with all of Melissa's experience, she was very good about not pushing us one way or the other. Instead, she helped us realize the things that were most important to us.”


-Sydney, Bride

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