Let's Chat: Wedding Planner vs Venue Coordinator

It's not an uncommon question for new brides. Do I need to hire a wedding planner when my venue has their own coordinator? Call me bias, but yes...yes you do. Why, you may ask. Let's start with the difference between the two.


No matter the capacity in which you're working with a planner - full planning, month before or day of coordinating - a wedding planner is the main point of contact for all your vendors, for your friends and family. Your planner coordinates all the details, both on and off-site from your venue and with all your vendors to make sure everyone is working off the same page.

Ready to reconfirm vendor services, especially as they relate to each other? Planner. Need your dresses steamed on wedding day? Planner. Want breakfast or lunch delivered to your hotel? Planner. Need someone to meet the transportation to load up people and bags? Planner. Need someone to line up the ceremony, cue the musicians, direct photos, set up your personal decor items, bustle your dress, make sure you glass is always full and everything is going off without a hitch?! Planner, planner, planner!



Your venue coordinator is employed by the venue and is in charge of managing all aspects of their space. Answering questions about vendor load-in, knowing how to access power, knowing a back-up plan for inclement weather, setting up venue-owned furniture, (sometimes) managing the bar & liquor, etc. Your venue coordinator is essential in once on site and in my opinion, one of the more important people to be in touch with (from a planner's perspective) on wedding day. 


Still need reassurance about hiring a planner vs. working with your venue coordinator? We asked a few industry pros to weigh in on the topic.

"Your planner has worked at various venues and seen billions of possibilities for your day so they are not boxed in to just one venue, with one esthetic, and one particular client. They can make suggestions that perhaps the venue or you hadn't thought of. Working with a planner also makes my job easier because they help brides style every little detail of their day. I can always be sure the timeline will run smoothly and without delays, family members will be present for the family formals, and that the bride and groom will be happy the entire day because they will not have to worry about if their venue is being set up or if someone forgot the rings!" - REN LENHOF of STUDIO 29 PHOTOGRAPHY, Milwaukee, WI

"As a Bridal hair and makeup artist, I am always thrilled when my Brides have hired a professional wedding planner (especially Melissa)! It makes my job so much easier because I have a consistent go-to person for small details throughout the pre-wedding process, someone to contact if there are any issues or changes that need to be made and a professional to help me with tasks such as creating and helping people adhere to a day-of schedule. I think it is imperative to have someone with such experience handling all of the big, small and beautiful details that Brides have designed for their big days!" - CHELSEA GARCIA BEAUTY, Denver, CO

"I love working with clients who've hired a planner for several reasons, one being that I find couples SO much more at-ease on the big day! Having a planner along for the ride that has an in depth understanding of their vision means that the couple can be more relaxed; trusting that someone is there to advocate for that vision and ensure that the details are expertly communicated and executed. Working with a planner also makes my job easier because they are prepared with a full day-of timeline, and work as a liaison for the couple to communicate about where I need to be and when. Communication is key!" - BEET & YARROW FLORAL DESIGN, Denver, CO

"From the perspective of a vendor, I can't tell you how valuable it is to have a single point of contact for logistics and communication.  Planners strategize event flow and logistics, communicate client expectations and vision, and execute the details.  At the end of the day, an event where all the vendors are working in sync and flawlessly, there was usually a great planner laying the foundation." - BILL SPINDLER of DOUBLE PLATINUM DJ, Milwaukee, WI

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