Who Pays for What?


The second most important & emotional question, after the BIG question, is asking your girls to join your bride tribe. They've been there for you through tears & laughter, drunken & sober nights, juice fasts & carb fests, the lows & the highs.

These girls have probably loved spending money with you too (rewind to the times my best friend and I worked extra shifts for weeks to blow it all in Chicago in 1-day). If there's any time your girls will want to and gladly will spend money with you (& on you) it'll be for your wedding.

That said, it's important to respect budgets & keep realistic expectations. Who should pay for what? In case you're wondering, yes, I'll tell you! 


Personal Flowers

The bride & her family pay for the bouquets & hair flowers.

Wedding Day Transportation

To streamline & expedite travel on wedding day, the bride should provide enough transportation for the wedding party. If you're feel extra generous or are close to the extended group, invite your wedding party's spouses/dates to travel with you, too - can you say fun x2?!

Hair & Makeup

Personally, I think covering the cost of hair & makeup for your girls is an awesome gesture of gratitude for them being in your wedding. Plus, it feels good to do something nice for your closet friends! If your budget doesn't allow for both services, you could offer to cover the cost of either hair or makeup. Of course, if budget doesn't allow it, don't feel guilty about not offering it. However, if you're requiring hair & makeup, the bride should definitely cover the cost.


Hotel & Travel

Bridesmaids should pay for their own hotel & travel. If you're having a destination wedding or have lots of guests/wedding party coming from out of town, you can offset costs by setting a "non-popular" wedding date and reserving hotel room blocks at discounted rates.


Girls will pay for their wedding attire & alterations. If you have specific jewelry or shoes, it can be nice to take care of those costs as a gift for the girls.

Bachelorette Party

You shouldn't be involved in this part, it's supposed to be a surprise! But hey, I'll let you in on a little secret. Even if the party is hosted by the Maid of Honor, the girls should pitch in. Split everything or divide & conquer - whatever works best for the group!