MKSocial: Growing our Business

The best part of business ownership is the freedom. I'm allowed to change my mind, exercise my creative brain and share with all of you! For the past year, you've known us as Wander + Wed. Today, I'm introducing our transition to MKSocial! Not much has changed in terms of our services, absolutely nothing has changed in terms of our high-standards. A botox injection, not a full face lift!

I spent 2016 listening to my peers, learning about our market and connecting with people across the country, really thoughtfully designing our brand and our presence in this industry. 

MKSocial combines my laid back, bubbly self through my initials - MKS - with our love for being social, for creating unforgettable social events. We're focused on the people - the stories, the relationships, the personalities. We believe that details make weddings and events unique, but the people are what make each memorable.

I have to admit that transition to a new name and brand is a little unnerving. Would people recognize us through the changes? Would 2 steps forward be 3 steps back? I was willing to take the short term risk because I know it means long term rewards. 

I've been surrounded by social events my whole life thanks to a mother who not only loves entertaining, but is naturally skilled in making people feel welcome through her own hospitality. I've been in the wedding industry, specifically planning, for 6 years - 2 years in Milwaukee, 2 years in New Orleans, 2 years in Denver. Each place and experience has shaped who we are today, continuously influencing how we present ourselves in this industry to our clients and vendors alike.

I can't take all the credit for our on-going success. It's equal parts our diligent work combined with the unwavering support from friends, family, clients and vendors. So, thank YOU for your encouragement and inspiring us to be better in our business...and in life in general. Because of you, I know each year moving forward will be better than the last. Cheers!